Videos från Identity day 2022

Vi tackar samtliga deltagare under Identity Day 2022 som verkligen blev en succé! Nedan hittar du ett urval av intervjuer och videoklipp från dagen.

  • Interview: Javier Mártin

    Listen to Javier Mártin, lead architect at Telia talks about why he attendend Identity Day 2022.

  • Interview: Emil Linder

    Emil Linder, responsible for IAM and Access at Schibsted, attended Identity Day 2022 to be inspired and learn about the challenges but also listen to success stories within identity and access management.

  • Interview: Fredrik Sondin

    Fredrik Sondin, work in the IAM team at Telia Company and participated in Identity Day 2022 to learn more about how the use of identity systems can simplify for users in their organization.

  • Håkan Buskhe - Cybersäkerhet för ökad konkurrenskraft

    Keynote speaker Håkan berättar om sina erfarenheter som ordförande i styrgruppen för Cybersäkerhet för ökad konkurrenskraft som bedrivs på IVA.

  • Bart Bruijnesteijn - Navigating Today’s Evolving IT and Threat Landscapes

    As enterprise IT continues full speed on key initiatives like cloud migration and digital transformation, the unintended risks are growing and compounding in the face of a fast-evolving threat landscape. Join Bart Bruijnesteijn for a presentation on key IT and threat trends, and how to take on these challenges to help organizations stay secure.

  • Ingo Schubert - Winning the Identity Game: How to Use Game Theory to Evaluate and Improve Your IAM

    Would you like to play a game? Learn how game theory applies to identity: you’ll participate in RSA FlipIt, a model in which attackers and defenders battle over a resource, then apply what you’ve learned to decide the best security solution deployment.

  • Mattias Bolander -Start with Identity - Build Secure

    The growing importance of great digital experiences. - Why you should establish a strong foundation in digital identity first. -How can you secure digital trust using CIAM?

  • Paneldiskussion

    Vi tar tempen på vår panel och diskuterar frågor som just publiken vill få svaren på!

  • Rob Otto - How to Deliver Exceptional User Experiences with Identity Orchestration

    Identity is the core of many digital experiences. From detecting fraud to improving registration experiences, companies that invest in identity are able to win more customers and increase revenues. But for years identity has been limited to a group of experts -- until now. Join Ping Identity to discuss the potential of orchestration for customer identity solutions. With orchestration, you can open identity up to developers, business stakeholders, and more. We’ll discuss numerous ways and examples of how orchestration helps enterprises deliver exceptional, secure user experiences with speed and agility.

  • Sami Mäkelä - liveimplementation

    Publiken bestämde vilken utmaning som gruppen skall ta sig an. Vid dagens slut fick vi se en presentation av resultatet live. Hann teamet klart?

  • Jonas Markström - Meeting compliance requirements with best-in-class authentication

    GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIST identity guidelines and the recent Biden executive order (US) on Multi-Factor Authentication puts pressure on organizations to do more. In this presentation Yubico’s Jonas Markström talks about how you can meet existing and new compliance requirements with portable, phishing-resistant and user-friendly Multi-Factor Authentication.